Auditions for the 2020 UCT choir are currently OPEN!


Membership is open to any UCT student, as well as alumni, that has passed the audition process.


The UCT Choir rehearses on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7pm till 9pm. Rehearsals are currently at the South African College of Music.


The 2020 choir has been accepted to participate in the World Choir Games in Belgium from 2 July 2020 till 11 July 2020. In preparation for the tour the choir aims to present concerts and take part in local eisteddfods during the first semester. Concerts and performances are scheduled in such a way that they usually do not add an extra burden on students’ time. I.e. in a “normal” week there will be either two rehearsals, or one rehearsal plus a performance.

There are two steps to the audition process. To become a member of the UCT choir one has pass a vocal audition as well as a repertoire audition.

  • The first audition is done to test vocal quality and range and is done by sending in an audition video.
  • The video should consist of prescribed scales as well as an own choice song that will best show off your vocal capability.
  • ALL songs as well as the scales on the video must be sung a Capella.
  • Click here to find out which scales should be on the audition video.
  • Audition videos can be sent via WhatsApp to (+27) 78 058 6727 or by sending an email link to the videos, to
  • Singers must remember to include their names, preferred voice group (e.g. soprano, alto tenor or bass), their year of study in 2020 (i.e. 1st year, 2nd year etc) as well as their course, in the video. Also be sure to mention your choral experience as well as any musical training you’ve had, e.g. if you have passed any practical or music theory exams.
  • Everyone that passes this audition is given access to the sheet music for the 2020 season. They then need to learn the music for the “repertoire audition”.

Only students that have passed the repertoire audition will be accepted as members of the 2020 UCT choir.

  • Students that have received the sheet music for the repertoire audition will be given access to voice part mp3s to help them learn the music for the repertoire audition.

Repertoire auditions are scheduled for Saturday 15 February 2020 and Sunday 16 February 2020.

During the repertoire audition singers will be divided into groups of 4 to 8 singers. Singers are allowed to sing with sheet music in hand in other words they do NOT need to memorise the music. They do, however, need to prove that they can sing their voice parts in every song!