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Sustainability, Outreach and Community Involvement

Choral Tutoring at Siyazakha Primary School

In 2012 the UCT Choir was approached by the South African Education and Environment Project to extend and share its singers’ skills with our greater community. As a result the UCT Choir has started to offer choral tutoring to the students of the Siyazakha Primary School choir. Siyazakha is based in Philippi Township and thus is classified as a disadvantaged school. Singers of the UCT Choir visit the Siyazakha choir once a week to help them develop their repertoire and skills, working with the learners on an individual basis as well as with the whole choir.

This is a project which is particularly close to the hearts of the UCT Choir singers as it gives them the opportunity to share their joy of making music with young South Africans across a range of cultures and backgrounds under a unified banner. As this project develops the UCT Choir hopes to further its reach by working with more schools

Sustainability and the Green Campus Initiative at UCT

The UCT Choir is proud to continue its affiliation with the Green Campus Initiative. The Green Campus Initiative is also a society at UCT which aims to create awareness and provide more information to students about environmental issues and how to work towards a more sustainable future. The UCT Choir has signed the GCI’s Green Pledge to be more conscious of the environment within which we live and make an effort towards greener living. For example, the UCT Choir’s recordings have been packaged using environmentally-friendly PaperFoam CD cases which comprise 100% recycled and recyclable material. The UCT Choir hopes to continue in its endeavour to help the GCI reduce our carbon footprint and create a more environmentally responsible community.